Heidelberg, November 14th 2015

Dear children, dear parents,
dear teachers, dear staff,
dear Julian and Samuel,

Writing a letter to dear friends is always a great pleasure.
Knowing that our dear friend Sandra will read out this letter to you and that you will hear our words through her voice is a wonderful feeling, and a privilege.

We feel close to you and we love you, and this is the reason why we feel concerned about your school, Peace Home Academic Complex.
Working together is the most natural thing to do among friends, and it is simply great to do it, to look for ways to do it and to keep going on. The name of our association is “nach und nach”. It means “little by little” or “step by step” and in French, it means also “de proche en proche”, which carries the idea that the values we share and our joint efforts bind us together as a community.

The completion of the water project at your school will be a major step forward. The good news about the advancing work on the well make all the members of the association “nach und nach e.V.” very happy. They are proud to have put in their bit for this project, but they perfectly know that it is just a small contribution to the great work that has been done here, that is done here every day, and that deserves the highest respect.

Dear children, going to school, learning new skills and improving one’s knowledge, spending these important years at this school, working and playing with good friends and competent teachers, all this is so precious and vital. We wish that you keep with you for the rest of your life what you experience and learn here, that it gives you skills and strength for your further studies and for your lives.

We wish you all good health, happiness, luck and success.
We wish Peace Home Academic Complex a thriving future and we are confident about it.

Warmest regards from Heidelberg,
Céline Navarro, Frank Polzenhagen and all the members of “nach und nach e.V.”